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Článek v odborném periodiku

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Ostatní výsledky

BUBENÍČKOVÁ, F. – ŠICHTAŘ, J. – DVOŘÁKOVÁ, B. – **CHRBOLKOVÁ, T.Effect of seminal plasma and two types of freezing extenders on characteristics of frozen- thawed stallion epididymal spermatozoa. 2018, REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS, Volume: 53 Pages: 115 Supplement: 2 Special Issue: SI Meeting Abstract: P 44.

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ŠICHTAŘ, J. – BUBENÍČKOVÁ, F. – NEHASILOVÁ, A. – ŠIMONÍK, O. – FOLKOVÁ, P.Semen freezability of endangered Old Kladruber horse – a pilot study. 2016, The Old Kladruber horse has been bred in the Czech Republic for more than four hundred years and has been used for ceremonial purposes and aristocracy all over Europe. However, the current population of this breed is closed and small with the undesirable consequence of increased inbreeding which might be connected with impaired fertility. The aim of this study was to evaluate sperm characteristics of Old Kladruber stallions cryopreserved in two packaging systems. The sperm rich fraction of fresh semen was collected from ten Old Kladruber stallions. Each stallion was collected three times and samples were pre-diluted and centrifuged (650 x g/15 min). Afterwards, Gent extender (MiniTube, Germany) with 20% (v/v) of egg yolk was added to obtain a final concentration at least 250 x 106 of progressively motile spermatozoa/ID. Extended semen was loaded either into 0,5 ml plastic straws or into 5 ml aluminum tubes. Horizontal freezing was performed in a styrofoam box (Animal Reproduction systems, Chino CA, USA). Motility was measured using CASA (Nis-Elements, ver. 4,30, Laboratory Imaging, Prague, Czech Republic). The following kinematic parameters of sperm motility were evaluated: curvilinear velocity (VCL, µm/s), straight line velocity (VSL, µm/s) and average path velocity (VAP, µm/s). Viability was evaluated using carboxyfluorescein diacetate and propidium iodide. The incidence of apoptotic sperms was evaluated with Yo-Pro1 staining using propidium iodide and 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI). Ten insemination doses from each stallion (5x 0,5 ml straws and 5x 5 ml aluminum tubes) were evaluated after thawing. The student’s t-test was used for statistical evaluation and differences between packing systems were considered significant for P < 0,05. Kinematic motility parameters of sperms in 0,5 ml straws were higher than in 5 ml al. tubes (P < 0,05). VAP, VCL and VSL were 76 ± 37, 137 ± 63 and 67 ± 37 and in 0,5 ml straws, respectively. In 5 ml tubes the VAP, VCL, and VSL were 64 ± 31, 115 ± 63 and 59 ± 37, respectively. The viability of sperms was higher in 5 ml tubes (57 ± 15 %) than in 0,5 ml straws (48 ± 13 %; P < 0,05). Lower incidence of apoptotic cells was found in 0,5 ml straws (3 ± 1 %) compared to 5 ml tubes (7 ± 3 %; P < 0,05). We conclude based on the results of this study that 0,5 ml straws seem to be more suitable for freezing of Old Kladruber stallions semen. This work was supported by grant NAZV QJ1330189..