Ing. Petr Iran


Arboristika - AFA 11E:                                                                             


1.  Applied fundamentals of anatomy and physiology of plants   

2.   Trees and their environment                                                      

3.   Planting trees in permanent habitat                                     

4.   Cut trees

5.   Cut the shrubs

6.   Preservative treatment of trees

7.   Ensure the crowns of trees

8.   Tree worker technigues

9.   Assessment of the status and inventory of the trees

10.  The basic diseases of trees

11.  The basic pests of trees

12.  Evaluation of condition and inventory of the trees

13.  Options visual assessment of the trees

14.  The possibility of an evaluation of the trees

15. Protected and endangered species

16.  The principle of the protection of trees on construction site


Teaching practice:

Demonstration and experimental greenhouses:  AUA110; AUA114; AUA 610; AUA614

Libosad: AUA112; AUA113. AUA612; AUA613


Supervised courses

AFA11E Arboriculture