Ing. Michal Hruška, Ph.D.


Membership in professional committees and cooperation with practice

  • Member of Czech Ophthalmological Society
  • EDAG, external expert advisor
  • Cooperation with Mercedes Benz ČR
  • Cooperation with Škoda Auto, a.s.
  • Cooperation with Siemens ČR


My main focus is vehicle ergonomics and all related issues. I am the head of the Ergonomics research team at the CULS Faculty of Engineering. Part of my job is also vehicle testing. Below is a rough overview of the vehicles I have tested and with which I have usually driven at least 100 km. For some models, I have driven most of their generations, such as the Audi A4 or the VW Golf. I also drove cars at very remote and exotic locations such as Madagascar, Mexico, Albania or Vietnam. I drove vehicles in both right and left hand traffic. Overall, I have driven about 800,000 km. Besides cars, aviation is one of my great hobbies. Thanks to many friends and especially my father, who worked all his life in the Research and Testing Aviation Institute and then in Aero Vodochody, I had the opportunity to ride and also fly a wide range of aircraft, although I had never had enough time to buy an air pass. The third major hobby in the transport industry is ships where I have already legalized my activity and am not only a water rescuer, but I also have the authority of a Small Craft Leader (inland waterway), as well as the authorization of the Naval Yacht and Radio Operator of the Maritime Mobile Service. In addition, I am an instructor and I regularly train for VMP approval.