Ing. Mgr. Jiří Lehejček
se zabývá paleoklimatologií Arktidy

Lehejček Jiří


téma disertační práce: Dendrochronologie arktické tundry – multi-proxy záznam paleoklimatu

PhD research topic: Dendrochronology of arctic tundra - multi-proxy record of paleoclimate

Project summary:

The research combines proxy information from different archives (annual rings and lake sediments multi-proxy record) and it will present both precise and long record of changes of climate in different Arctic regions. Two comparative sites were selected to conduct such research: 1) Kobbefjord Research Station on the coast of oceanic Southern Greenland (Low Arctic), and 2) Czech Polar Station in more continental Central Svalbard (High Arctic). The aim of the study is to compare Late Holocene climatic record of continental High Arctic and oceanic Low Arctic based on multi-proxy records. Two main approaches combining high-resolution record of responses for recent climate (dendroclimatology of dwarf tundra shrubs – e.g. Salix sp. – can give up to 100–120 years long record) and record from lake sediments, which provide archive for most of the Holocene climate changes. Linking those two approaches is not only innovative, but also very useful for complementing individual records. The dendro approach arises from standard dendrochronological methods used in the Arctic tundra. Multi-proxy record from lake sediments will combine litological (mainly grain-size composition), petrophysical (magnetic susceptibility), geochemical (determination of basic lithophile elements, organic and anorganic carbon and sulphur, possibly also stable isotopes), and biological proxy (pigments, biostratigraphy of different groups of organisms) approaches. Comparison of Late Holocene climate changes from genetically different regions leading to linking the climatic variation can result in distinguishing of main drivers responsible for climate changes as well as relationships in between them.

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