doc. RNDr. Petr Pišoft, Ph.D.

Scientific Projects


My research area is the Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology with focus on the variability of the climate system and the middle atmosphere processes. I concentrate on the quasi-periodic signals in the atmosphere, manifestation of the QBO and the solar sunspot cycle together with the analysis of large-scale circulation and wave activity. 


  • Waves processes in the middle atmosphere and their significance for the coupling of selected atmospheric regions, GAUK 1474314 (supervisor), 2014–present–present
  • Stratospheric dynamics and coupling with troposphere and mesosphere, GAUK 108313 (supervisor), 2014–present
  • Global and regional climate model simulations in Central Europe in the 18th-20th centuries in comparison with observed and reconstructed climate, GACR P209/11/0956, 2011–present
  • Impact-targeted validation of statistical and dynamical downscaling models, GACR 205/08/1619, 2008–present
  • Specification of existing estimates of climate change impacts in hydrology, water management, agriculture and forestry sectors and proposals for adaptation options, SP/1a6/108/07, 2008–present
  • Analysis of regular oscillations in the climate system, GACR 205/07/p199, 2006–2009
  • Atmospheric teleconnections across North Atlantic region, GACR 205/05/2282, 2004–2007
  • Development of regional climatic model, GACR 205/01/0804, 2003–2004
  • Atlas of climate in the Czech Republic, VaV/740/2/03, 2002–2004
  • Climatic change and the climate fluctuation, VaV/740/1/01, 2001–2002
  • Solar wind instabilities and their propagation through the bow shock, 163/2000/B-FYZ/MFF, 2000–2002
  • Location and motion of the Earth’s magnetopause and bow shock, 181/1999/B-FYZ/MFF, 1999–2001
  • Low-frequency variations of the ion flux in the magnetosheath, 1999–2001