Ing. Oldřich Faměra, CSc.
Shromáždění u slunečních hodin XI 1989


Dvořák school in Kralupy nad Vltavou 1972 - 1976
University of Agriculture in Prague, Faculty of Agriculture , Department of fytotechnický 1976 - 1981
Research education - PhD. 1990

Study visit at the department of crop production 1981 - 1983.
In the period 1984 - 2004 Assistant Professor in the Department of Crop Production , University of Agriculture in Prague - Czech Agricultural University in Prague.
Since 2004, the Department of Agricultural Products Quality of Life Sciences in Prague.

Teaching activity is focused on lectures and exercises in subjects ' evaluation of the quality of plant products "," quality and processing plant products " ," quality and processing of horticultural products " and some other items with special focus on crop production . In 1997 he was appointed head of the laboratory testing of the quality of cereals .

Scientific and research activities
Defence of dissertation in 1990.
Research tasks solution in the area of cultivation and quality of cereals, especially barley, spring and winter . In recent years, the research focus ( in the context of a research project grants ) on wheat grain quality assessment . Specifically deals with the study of grain hardness in relation to other quality indicators.
Since 1993 he is member of the Commission CAAS quality herbal products since 2009 Vice-President.
Since 2005 member of the Scientific Board of the Department of Genetics and Breeding (currently the Department of Genetics , Breeding and production quality ) VURV in Prague.
Since 2010, member of the Board "Special plant production"  in Prague.