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Well, I finally decided to ditch other people's GitHubs and figure out the Cassini archives on my own. After a few days of mental agony and a pair of dense Python lessons from the newest Hall of 'To-Be-Acknowledged' inductee I wrote an algorithm that work. I will refine it to do more of the tedious work in the following days, while procrastinating away from other work such as: preparing a presentation for the Statistical Methods Or Whatever course. Right now the main issue is aligning the data in the same Titanian coordinate system, which is fun and was necessary even before I started with the tabular/archival data as the mileage of various Titan mapping products varies (literally).

So far swath stripes are turning into snakes, hopefully not for long (and the dot is actually a grid that should have the same shape as the snek, so there is also that...)

UPDATE pic: Close but no cigar (feat. QGIS Magic), unfortunately I can't finish it right now. SMoW 101 deadline is dangerously close.