Ing. Petr Benda, Ph.D.

ELLS E-Learning

ELLS E-Learning Support Team ELLS logo

I am the contact person for E-Learning Support Team at our University.


The goal of the E-Learning Support Team is to create value and increase the quality of the teaching within the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS). Therefore the E-Learning Support Team

  • describes characteristics of good e-learning – specifically for the didactical/pedagogical area
  • gives examples of didactical/pedagogical suggestions for the use of e-learning in higher education
  • provides instruments for the evaluation of e-learning
  • hands over good practice examples
  • delivers future trends in e-learning
  • develops workshops for ELLS teachers
  • exchanges knowledge about virtual learning environments and other learning technologies
  • finds technical solutions for communication related questions e.g. communication using the internet, room based video conferences, desktop video conferences