prof. Ing. Martin Hanel, Ph.D.

Hanel Martin

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Department of Water Resources and Environmental Modelling (MCEV II D437)
Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Prague - Suchdol, Czech Republic

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Martin is hydrologist, data analyst and R enthusiast currently focusing on climate change impact assessment, modelling of climate change adaptation measures and extreme value analysis with special emphasis on extreme precipitation and drought. He graduated in the Environmental Modelling programme at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CULS in 2007, got his PhD in 2010 and became associate professor in 2014. From 2016 he is the head of the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Modelling, from 2018 the vice-dean for international relations and from 2015 coordinates the Hydrological and Climate Variability research team. 

Martin published a number of papers in top journals including Nature Communications, Scientific Reports, Geophysical Research Letters and others and contributed to various national and international applied research projects, which resulted in several frequently used tools such as drought assessment and prediction system for the Czech Republic (HAMR) or climate scenario derivation tool for the Czech Republic. 


2007 – 2010Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
(Ph.D.) Environmental modelling, thesis:
Precipitation extremes in regional climate model simulations
2005 – 2007(Ing./MSc.) Environmental modelling, thesis:
Runoff prediction with artificial neural networks
2002 – 2005(Bc./BSc.) Landscaping, thesis:
Land consolidation in the 21st century

Work experience

2009 – presentCzech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Environemntal Sciences
Department of Water Resources and Environemntal Modelling
Associate professor, head of department, vice-dean for international relations
2006 – 2007
2009 – present
T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute
Department of Hydrology
2016 – presentCzech Academy of Sciences
Global Change Research Institute
2013 – 2015Technical University of Liberec
Department of Applied Mathematics
2007 – 2009Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
Climate Services Department

Selected publications

  • Markonis, Y., Kumar, R., Hanel, M., Rakovec, O., Máca, P., & AghaKouchak, A. (2021). The rise of compound warm-season droughts in Europe. Science Advances7(6), eabb9668.
  • Moravec, V., Markonis, Y., Rakovec, O., Svoboda, M., Trnka, M., Kumar, R., & Hanel, M. (2021). Europe under multi-year droughts: how severe was the 2014–2018 drought period?. Environmental Research Letters, 16(3), 034062.
  • Hari, V., Rakovec, O., Markonis, Y., Hanel, M., & Kumar, R. (2020). Increased future occurrences of the exceptional 2018–2019 Central European drought under global warming. Scientific reports10(1), 1-10.
  • Moravec, V., Markonis, Y., Rakovec, O., Kumar, R., Hanel, M. (2019) A 250‐year European drought inventory derived from ensemble hydrologic modelling. Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Hanel, M., Rakovec, O., Markonis, Y., Máca, P., Kyselý, J., Samaniego, L., Kumar, R. (2018) Revising recent European drought in a long-term perspective. Scientific Reports. 8(1), 9499.
  • Markonis, Y., Hanel, M., Máca, P., Kyselý, J., Cook, E. R. (2018) Persisting multi-scale fluctuations shift European hydroclimate to its millennial extremes. Nature Communications, 9(1), 1767.
  • Hanel, M., Kožín, R., Heřmanovský, M., Roub, R. (2017) An R package for assessment of statistical downscaling methods for hydrological climate change impact studies. Environmental Modelling and Software, 95, 22-28.
  • Svoboda, V., Hanel, M., Máca, P., Kyselý, J. (2017) Characteristics of rainfall events in RCM simulations for the Czech Republic.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, 963-980.
  • Hanel, M., Máca, P., Bašta, P., Vlnas, R., Pech, P. (2016) The rainfall erosivity factor in the Czech Republic and its uncertainty. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 20, 4307-4322.
  • Hanel, M., Pavlásková, A., Kyselý, J. (2016) Trends in characteristics of subdaily heavy precipitation and rainfall erosivity in the Czech Republic. International Journal of Climatology, 36(4), 1833-1845.
  • Hanel, M., Buishand, T. A. (2015). Assessment of the sources of variation in changes of precipitation characteristics over the Rhine basin using a linear mixed-effects model. Journal of Climate, 28, 6903–6919.
  • Hanel, M., Buishand, T.A. (2011), Analysis of precipitation extremes in an ensemble of transient regional climate model simulations for the Rhine basin. Climate Dynamics, 36(5-6), 1135-1153.
  • Hanel, M., T. A. Buishand, and C. A. T. Ferro (2009), A non-stationary index-flood model for precipitation extremes in transient Regional Climate Model simulations. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114(D15107).


  • National correspondent to IAHS for surface water
  • International Comission on Statistical Hydrology (STAHY)
  • WMO Comission for Hydrology
  • Scientific board of the VTEI journal
  • Scientific board of the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute
  • Scientific board of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CULS
  • Scientific board of the Czech University of Life Sciences
  • Scientific board of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
  • Commission for Hydrology of the Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation

Selected projects

  • 2019 – 2021: XEROS: eXtreme EuRopean drOughtS: multimodel synthesis of past, present and future events (Czech Science Foundation - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), principal investigator
  • 2015 – 2018: Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate (Czech Science Foundation), principal investigator
  • 2009 – 2011: Water and Global Change (EU FP7), team member
  • 2007 – 2009: ENSEMBLES Project (EU FP7), team member