prof. Ing. Lukáš Kalous, Ph.D.
Lukáš Kalous

Kalous Lukáš

Profesoři na vysokých školách - Katedra zoologie a rybářství
Proděkan pro kvalitu vzdělávací a tvůrčí činnosti | Vice-dean for Quality Assurance
phone +420 22438 2790

My current position at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is a full professor at the Department of Zoology and Fisheries. My teaching activities are in the field of aquaculture and ichthyology. My research activities are focused on fishes, aquatic animals and humans in the sense of objects and on sustainable freshwater aquaculture, biodiversity and invasive species in sense of disciplines. My laboratory work includes: cytogenetic and molecular genetic methods, partly also "computer-assisted" morphometry and socio-economic data mining.

Since 2018 I hold the position of Vice-Dean for Quality Assurance.

My personal webpage is here.

Contact address:

prof. Lukáš Kalous, PhD.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
160 00 Praha 6 - Suchdol
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 608 567 521

My office is in the building of FAPPZ B fourth 4. floor; door number 421

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