Pradeep Kumkar


Mr. Pradeep B. Kumkar

Department of Zoology and Fisheries,

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Email-Id:  kumkar.af@czu.cz  ,     kumkarpradeep@gmail.com

Website:    https://sites.google.com/view/pradeepkumkar


Research Interests

Molecular phylogeny and evolution

Interested in addressing evolutionary questions, including; evolutionary trajectories, estimation of divergence time, the genetic basis of adaptive traits, evolutionary transitions and niche separation, and biogeography using a combination of morphological and genomic data with the help of freshwater fish as a model system.

Ecology and ecotoxicology

Chemoecology, oxidative stress physiology, behavioral ecology and evolutionary ecology of the vertebrates to understand prey-predator interaction and investigation of toxic effects and behavioral consequences of chemical agents on living organisms within an aquatic ecosystem.

 Biological invasion and conservation

Risk assessment related to invasive species using different tools and a series of ethological experiments. Implications of conservation genetics and conservation ecology for species-based management of threatened taxa.


Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                                     Ongoing

Subject: Animal sciences

University: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic.

Master of Science (2 years)                                                                                           2016

Subject: Zoology

University: Savitribai Phule Pune University, (Formerly University of Pune), India

Grade obtained: Outstanding

Bachelor of Science (3 years)                                                                                       2013

Subject: Biotechnology

University: University of Pune, Pune, India

Class obtained: Second 

Higher Secondary Certificate                                                                                      2010

Board: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education, Pune

Class obtained: Second 

Secondary School Certificate                                                                                       2008

Board: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education, Pune

Class obtained: First class with distinction

English language proficiency

The International English Language Testing System   (IELTS)   Nov 2018                                   

Overall Band Score = 6.5

Research Projects

Ph.D. research 2021 – until date

Topic: Conservation strategies for small fish distributed in the Western Ghats India: a case study of Nemacheilidae.

Significant outputs: 4 peer reviewed articles

Extra-curricular voluntary research 2014 – till date

Topic: Molecular phylogeny, biogeography, systematics and conservation of freshwater fishes of India.

Significant outputs: 12 peer reviewed articles

Volunteer in research project 2015 – 2016

Freshwater fishes of the lost ark: ichthyological expedition to great Nicobar Island.

Significant outputs: 1 peer reviewed articles

Master of Science project thesis 2015 – 2016

Topic: Digestive physiology, gut microflora and osteology of   Pachypterus khavalchor    (Kulkarni 1952), freshwater fish of the Western Ghats, India.

Significant output: 3 peer reviewed articles

Bachelor of Science project thesis 2012 – 2013

Molecular Diversity, Enzyme activity of gut microflora of hill stream loaches.

Awards and Scholarships

  • Rectors award for publication (Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague) November 2021
  • Extraordinary scholarship FAPPZ Czech University of Life Sciences 2021 – Ongoing
  • Doctoral Scholarship Czech Government 2021 – Ongoing
  • Czech Government accommodation scholarship 2021 – Ongoing
  • Hungaricum scholarship 2020 (Declined)


1.      Kumkar, P    ., Kumkar, M. (2019) An advanced system for securing and managing assets and a method thereof. Indian Patent (Filed) Application number 201921028553. 

Poster Presentation At National/ International Conference

  1. Verma, C.,       Kumkar, P        ., Raghavan, R. & Dahanukar, N. (2019) Osteological diversification in the freshwater fish family Danionidae. In Book of abstracts, Aquatic Ecosystems: Sustainability and Conservation, a national conference on aquatic conservation organized by Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, on 20th and 21st December 2019. p. 62.
  2. Pise , M., Verma, C. ,     Kumkar, P     . & Dahanukar, N. (2019) Evolution of adhesive structure in altitudinal migrant loach Indoreonectes evezardi (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae). In Book of abstracts, Aquatic Ecosystems: Sustainability and Conservation, a national conference on aquatic conservation organized by Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, on 20th and 21st December 2019. p. 79. 
  3. Kumkar, P.     , Verma, C. , Paingankar, M., Raghavan, R., & Dahanukar, N. (2019) Genetic barcode library for freshwater fishes of Maharashtra state. In Book of abstracts, Aquatic Ecosystem: Sustainability and Conservation, a national conference on aquatic conservation organized by Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, on 20     th     and 21     st    December 2019. p.63.
  4. Gosavi S., Pise, M.,    Kumkar, P    . & Kharat, S. (2018) Assessing the sustainability of data-deficient lepidophagous catfish and its implications for conservation. In Book of Abstracts, International Biodiversity Congress (IBC 2018), Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, 4-6 October 2018, Pp. 476.
  5. Kumkar, P    ., Keskar, A., Padhye, AD & Dahanukar, N. (2014) Diversity and distribution of hillstream loaches (Teleostei: Balitoridae, Nemacheilidae) in the northern Western Ghats of India. In Book of Abstracts, Third Indian Biodiversity Congress (IBC 2014), School of Public Health SRM University, Chennai, 18-20 December 2014, Pp. 94.

Workshop participation

  • eDNA analysis for detecting fish species in river ecosystem at the Institute of Hydrobiology, České Budějovice. 29 April 2022
  • Use of Flow cytometry in fish ploidy analysis at the Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. 27-28 Oct 2021
  • International training workshop on Ichthyotaxonomy at Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (Online). 23-27 March 2021
  • IUCN Red List workshop to assess the conservation status of all species of Tor mahseer at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. 21 April 2018
  • Casual seminar - workshop "biodiversity, knowledge and ignorance" at 21st Century Conservation Lab, Universidade do Porto, Portugal (Online). 16 November 2022

Professional Experience

 Commission Member                                                                December 2022 – until date

World Commission on Protected Areas, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Project Technician                                                                   November 2022 – December 2022

Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.

Researcher                                                                                            April 2020 – January 2021

Department of Zoology and Fisheries,

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic.

Assistant Professor                                                                               July 2016 - till date

Department of Zoology, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune.

(Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University)

Research fellow                                                                                    July 2013 – June 2014  

Department of Zoology, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune

Project title: Karyotyping of freshwater fishes of Mula-Mutha River, Pune.

Journal Roles (Peer Reviewer)                                                                                                

  1. Journal of Environmental Management
  2. Frontiers in marine sciences
  3. Hydrobiology
  4. Journal of Threatened Taxa

Research Publications

(* Co-first authors)

  1. Verma, CR, Pise, M.,  Kumkar , P ., Gosavi, SM, & Kalous, M. (2022) Microplastic Contamination in Ulhas River Flowing Through India's Most Populous Metropolitan Area. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution , (In press)
  2. Verma, C.R., Kumkar, P. , Khare, T., Pise, M., Kalous, L., & Dahanukar, N. (2022). Contracaecum nematode parasites in hillstream loaches of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Fish Diseases , 2022, 1–10.
  3. Pise, M., Gosavi, S.M., Gorule, P.A., Verma, C.R., Kharat, S.S., Kalous, L., & Kumkar, P. (2022). Osteological description of Indian lepidophagous catfish Pachypterus khavalchor (Siluriformes: Horabagridae) from the Western Ghats of India. Journal of Vertebrate Biology , 71(22021), 22021-1.
  4. Kumkar, P. , Pise, M., Verma, C.R., Khare, T., Petrtyl, M., & Kalous, L. (2022). Micro-contaminant, but immense impact: Source and influence of diethyl phthalate plasticizer on bottom-dwelling fishes. Chemosphere , 306, 135563.
  5. Kumkar P. , Pise, M., Gorule, PA, Verma, CR, Kalous, L. (2021) Two new species of the hillside loach genus Indoreonectes from the northern Western Ghats of India (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Vertebrate Zoology 71, 517-533.
  6. Kumkar , P ., Gosavi, SM, Verma, CR, Pise, M. & Kalous, M. (2021) Big eyes can't see microplastics: Feeding selectivity and eco-morphological adaptations in oral cavity affect microplastic uptake in mud-dwelling amphibious mudskipper fish, Science of The Total Environment , 2021, 147445.
  7. Tapkir, S.D. , Kumkar , P.* , Gosavi, SM, Kharat, SS, Patoka, J. & Kalous, L. (2021) Far from home: Tracking the global ornamental fish trade in endangered zebra loach, Botia striata, from freshwater ecoregion and biodiversity hotspot in India. Journal for Nature Conservation , 61 (2021), 126007.
  8. Verma, CR, Kumkar, P. , Gosavi SM & Kalous, L. (2021) Nothing in excess is good: Double pelvic fin malformation in the wild‐caught hill stream loach, Indoreonectes evezardi (Day, 1872) from biodiversity hotspot of India . Journal of Applied Ichthyology , 37(2), 326-330.
  9. Katwate, U., Kumkar, P. , Raghavan, R., & Dahanukar, N. (2020). Taxonomy and systematics of the 'Maharaja Barbs' (Teleostei: Cyprinidae), with the description of a new genus and species from the Western Ghats, India. Zootaxa , 4803(3), 544–560.
  10. Gosavi, SM, Kharat, SS, Tapkir, SD & Kumkar, P. (2020) The Reproductive Biology of Pachypterus khavalchor (Kulkarni, 1952) in the Panchaganga River of the Western Ghats, a Biodiversity Hotspot in India. Asian fisheries science , 33 (2020), 79–90.
  11. Verma, C.R., Gorule, P.A., Kumkar, P. , Kharat, S.S., & Gosavi, S.M. (2020). Morpho-histochemical adaptations of the digestive tract in Gangetic mud-eel Ophichthys cuchia (Hamilton 1822) support utilization of mud-dwelling prey. Acta Histochemica , 122(7), 151602.
  12. Gosavi, SM, Tapkir, SD, Kumkar, P. , Verma, CR & Kharat, SS Act now before it's too late: Copper exposure drives chemo-ecology of predator-prey dynamics of freshwater common spiny loach, Lepidocephalichthys thermalis (Valenciennes, 1846 ). Environmental Research, 186, 109509.
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  14. Gosavi, SM, Verma, CR, Kharat, SS, Pise, M., & Kumkar, P. (2019) Structural adequacy of the digestive tract supports dual feeding habit in catfish Pachypterus khavalchor (Siluriformes: Horabagridae). Acta Histochemica , 121(4), 437-449.
  15. Gosavi, SM, Kharat, SS,  Kumkar, P ., & Tapkir, SD (2019) Assessing the sustainability of lepidophagous catfish,  Pachypterus khavalchor (Kulkarni, 1952) from a tropical river Panchaganga, Maharashtra, India.  The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology , 80(1), 9.
  16. Tapkir, SD, Gosavi, SM, Kharat, SS & Kumkar, P . (2019) Impact, recovery and carryover effect of Roundup® on native and non-native predator recognition in common spiny loach, Lepidocephalichthys thermalis . Ecotoxicology, 28, 189-200.
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