Ing. B.Sc. Abubakar Sadiq Musa



Kofar Idi, Bakaro Street Bauchi, Bauchi state, Nigeria






Date of Birth   

             22nd February 1988 



Place of Birth  

            Bauchi, Bauchi State                                         

State of Origin 




Marital Status  


Language Spoken  

             English and Hausa 




To contribute in teaching, learning and research in agriculture to bring about youth and women empowerment. 



PhD (In view)

Czech University of Life Science

(Animal Science and Food processing)

  • 2019.  Got admitted for PhD at the faculty of Tropical AgriSciences in the program Agrobiology and Bioresource Management. Currently focused on animal physiology, nutrition and behaviors. Presently studying a noninvasive approach of stress hormone determination in common eland at the Czech University Eland farm at Larny.


Czech University of Life Science   

(Animal Science and Food processing) 

  • 2017-2019: Master’s graduate from Czech University of Life Science, with specialisation in Animal Science and Food Processing. Diploma theses titled ‘’Effects of Immunocastration on the social interaction and activity budget of common eland (Taurotragus oryx)’’ which is generally aimed at establishing and validating a noninvasive approach of castration in common eland, and its effects on their behaviour and social rank. This would help in ensuring the welfare of the animal as well as its biodiversity and conservation. CGPA of 1.3/4.0.  Bachelors   



University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)  

Bachelors of Agric (Hons), specialisation in Animal Science

  •  2007-2014: Attended University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), Borno State Nigeria. Obtained Bachelor degree with a First Class (4.60/5.0). Bachelor thesis was focused on using nonconventional feed material in feeding sheep using Doum Palm (Haephane thebaica) Meal, this research was accepted by the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science and was Published in their conference proceedings.   



Cadtech Computer Training School   

(Computer Appreciation) 

• 2005-2006: Studied Computer Appreciation at Cadtech Computer Training School with a basic focus on the Micro soft Office package (MS-Word, MS-excel, MS-powerpoint) and data processing. 


Secondary School         

Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School Bauchi                                        

2000-2005: Actively participated in Science Club, helped in tutorial and also worn several award and gift for participating in: Cowbell Mathematics Competition, National Mathematics competition, NNPC science-based competition. 

Primary School         

FGGC Staff Primary School Bauchi, Bauchi State                            


ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION                      DATE  

 •  National Youth Service Corps(NYSC)  


 •  B. Agric(Hons) Animal Science (First Class)                                              


 •  Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS)                                             


 •  Diploma in computer operation and data processing                      


 •  Senior Secondary School Certificate(WAEC)   


 •  First School Leaving Certificate                                                                  




Member Nigerian institute of management (NIM)  

Community Development Service under NEMA/NYSC Vanguard  

Graduate Member Nigerian institution of Animal science (NIAS)  

Member National Association of Animal Science Student     

Auditor General, Bauchi State Agricultural Youth Association           


2015 to date  


2015 to date         

2013 to date  

2011 to date  

Interested in the field of Animal Physiology, breeding and Nutrition. Uses these experiences in exploiting non-conventional feed material in tropics and subtropics to feed Animals to reduce the competition between animals and humans. 





Assistant farm manager in research Farm                                     2014-2015 Department of Animal Science, Bayero Univerty Kano  

• Worked as an assistant farm manager at the Bayero University teaching and research farm. Responsibilities handled include proper record keeping of animal, formulation and feeding of research animals, tentative diagnosis and treatment of sick animals, guiding undergraduate student in design and planning of research at the farm. 

Class teacher 2013-2014 

Alhilal Secondary School Bauchi, Bauchi state                                              

• Worked as a class teacher, guardian and counselor. Responsibilities handled include design and planning of lesson plan, teaching of Aquaculture, statistical analysis, grading and positioning of students results. Guidance and counselling of student on the proper carrier and discipline to take. 

Industrial Training Student               2011-2012 

National Veterinary Research Institute 

• Worked as an assistant in laboratory analysis and diagnosis of diseases, post mortem, Vaccine storage and preparation. Documentation of results.   

Industrial Training Student                2011-2012 

Maiduguri Veterinary Clinic 

• Workedas an assistant at the Maiduguri Veterinary Clinic, which is the largest clinic in the north-eastern Nigeria.  Assisted in surgery, diagnosis and tentative treatment of diseases in livestock.   





Management of Livestock 

Technical experience in maintenance of cooling system 





Girgiri, A. Y., Abubakar, S. M., Medugu, C. I., Saleh, B. and Gure, M. M.(2013)

Haematobiochemical indices of Yankasa Rams Fed Varying Levels of Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica L.) meal. In: proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN).  Held at National Centre for Women Development, Garki, Abuja. 8th-12th September 2013. ISSN 978 34777 22 pg 379-382 





2014- Vice Chancellor’s Award   

University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria 

2014- Head of Department Award for Best graduating Student Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri 

2005- Cowbell Mathematics Award 

1st Position in the Cowbell Mathematics Competition 




Reading, Research and Football 





doc. Francisco Ceacero, Ph.D.     

Associate Professor

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic) Department of Animal Science & Food Processing francisco.ceacero@outlook.com 



Ing. Radim Kotrba, Ph.D.

Associate Professor  

Department of Animal Science and Food Processing,  Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences 

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,

Kamycka 129, Prague 6 - Suchdol, 165 21

Czech Republic. maugli46@volny.cz 

+420 739003931  


Dr. Aisha Girgiri

Senior Lecturer 

Department of Animal Science, University of Maiduguri, Borno State