Tersia Needham, Ph.D.
Tersia Needham (PhD)

Areas of Interest

Please do not hesitate to email me for further information on postgraduate thesis topics and collaborative opportunities related to the following:

  • Immunocastration and its effects on production performance (pigs, sheep, eland and deer).
    • Reproductive consequences of immunocastration.
    • Mitigation strategies for boar taint.
    • Nutritional requirements of immunocastrated pigs.
    • Behavioural and welfare benefits.
  • Steroid hormone monitoring in ungulates
    • Evaluation of serum testosterone production patterns and its metabolite pathways.
    • Non-invasive faecal hormone monitoring for reproduction and stress evaluation.
  • Meat quality and processing of domesticated and undomesticated species.
    • Characterisation of meat production potential of African antelope.
    • Relationship between muscle fibre characteristics and meat quality of undomesticated species.
  • Instrumental and sensory evaluation of meat and meat products.
    • Emphasis on traditional South African products.