Ing. Kateřina Gašparová

Gašparová Kateřina

Pedagogická činnost


Office: Pavilon FTZ/ 331

Mail: katkagasparova@gmail.com

PhD topic:

The main focus of my Ph.D. thesis is West African giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta) living only in the Republic of Niger in the central region of plateaus and Kouré and North Dallol Bosso, about 60km southeast of the capital – Niamey. Giraffe lives together with local population and its livestock in close proximity, these condition gives us a unique opportunity to study the giraffe people/livestock relationship. Except for behavioral study, another part of my thesis is spatial behavior. Giraffe were tagged with GPS satellite units (ossi-unit) and it brings us accurate data about their position. This information helps us to estimate the home range size, the habitat distribution and in general the movement, which is crucial for long-term conservation.