doc. Ing. Petr Máca, Ph.D.


Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Department of Water Resources and Environmental Modelling (MCEV II D437)
Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Prague - Suchdol, Czech Republic

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Research projects

Main project coordinator, CULS coordinator

Amálie Pilot Farm - application of the Smart Landscapes concept. Norway fund, 3211100014, principal investigator, 2022-2024

Compensation of negative climate change impacts on water supply and ecosystems using the localities for potential accumulation of surface water. Coordinator for FES CULS Prague, TA04020501, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, 2014- 2017.

Monitoring and evaluation of extreme runoff conditions in catchments of small streams, focused on prevention and mitigation of flood damages. Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic (NAZV), 1G46040, 2004-2008.

Member of research team

Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate, 16-16549S Czech Science foundation , 2016 -2018.

New technologies of bathymetry of rivers and reservoirs to determine their storage capacity and monitor the amount and dynamics of sediments, TA04020042 Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, 2014–2017.

Proposal of a system for managing emergency situations associated with drought and water scarcity in the Czech Republic, VG20102014038, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, 2010–2014.

Creation of information system for evaluation of avalanche hazard in mountain regions in the Czech Republic, Ministry of Interior of the Czech republic VG20132015115, 2013 -2015.

The possibilities of the mitigation of climate change impact by increasing of accumulations in river basin of Rakovnicky stream (pilot project), QH91247 Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, 2009-2011.

Geographic information systems to support crisis management and interconnection systems for automatic notification, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, VG20132015127, 2013-2015.

Sustainable Utilization of the Ground Water in Czech Republic, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TA02021249, 2012-2015.

The use of hydrological measurements at schematization of watercourses for the purposes of hydrodynamic models, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TA02020139, 2012 -2015.