Ing. B.Sc. Abubakar Sadiq Musa

Pedagogická činnost


My present research titled Effects of routine handling in the husbandry of elands is focused on improving the welfare and management of common eland ( Taurotragus oryx ) in captivity. The penultimate research examine the influence of immunocastration which has been a well documented non-invasive approach of castrating domestic animals against the traditional cruel physical form of castration. In common eland we aimed to examine the influence of the anit-GnRH vaccine (e.g.  Improvac® and Bopriva®  ) on its meat quality, social rank, social interaction, activity budget and welfare. Our outcomes from this study have been very impressive and presently ongoing standard journal write-up guides for publication. The present study is further focused on non-invasive monitoring of stress hormone through examination of feacal glucocorticoid metabolites. As a part of a pilot studies, we have been routinely handling calves for blood chemistry, body condition and temperament.


Subject: IAI008Z Practical Animal Handling, Sampling and Processing - SS 19/20