prof. Ing. Jan Banout, Ph.D.


Supervised courses

CVS Celkový výsledek studia
DITI02Y Machinery of Animal Production in Tropics and Subtropics
DITI66Y Udržitelné technologie v zemědělství
DITI69Y Organic Waste Management
DITI77Y Food Preservation in Developing Countries
DITI80Y Agriculture production and food security
DIXI02Y Internship abroad
DIXI02Y_2 Internship abroad_2
DIXI03Y_01 Conference contribution WoS/SCOPUS_1
DIXI03Y_02 Conference contribution WoS/SCOPUS_2
DIXI03Y_03 Conference contribution WoS/SCOPUS_3
DIXI03Y_04 Conference contribution WoS/SCOPUS_4
DIXI04Y_01 Conference contribution (other)_1
DIXI04Y_02 Conference contribution (other)_2
DIXI04Y_03 Conference contribution (other)_3
DIXI04Y_04 Conference contribution (other)_4
DIXI04Y_05 Conference contribution (other)_5
DIXI04Y_06 Conference contribution (other)_6
DIXI04Y_07 Conference contribution (other)_7
DIXI04Y_08 Conference contribution (other)_8
DIXI04Y_09 Conference contribution (other)_9
DIXI04Y_10 Conference contribution (other)_10
DIXI04Y_11 Conference contribution (other)_11
DIXI04Y_12 Conference contribution (other)_12
DIXI04Y_13 Conference contribution (other)_13
DIXI04Y_14 Conference contribution (other)_14
DIXI04Y_15 Conference contribution (other)_15
DIXI04Y_16 Conference contribution (other)_16
DIXI05Y Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 1st author
DIXI05Y_2 Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 1st author_2
DIXI05Y_3 Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 1st author_3
DIXI06Y Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 2nd author
DIXI06Y_2 Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 2nd author_2
DIXI07Y Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 3rd author
DIXI08Y Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 4th and next author
DIXI08Y_2 Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 4th and next author_2
DIXI08Y_3 Article in a journal with IF/SJR - 4th and next author_3
DIXI11Y Soft skills seminar
DIXI12Y Soft skills seminar_2
DIXX01Y Other course 1
DIXX02Y Other course 2
DIXX03Y Cizí předmět 3
ITI004E Project Cycle Management
ITI007E Food Security in Developing Countries
IUI51E Renewable Energy for Food Processing
IUP1 Uznaný předmět 1
IUP2 Uznaný předmět 2
IUP3 Uznaný předmět 3
IUP4 Uznaný předmět 4
IUP5 Uznaný předmět 5
IUP6 Uznaný předmět 6
IUP7 Uznaný předmět 7
IUP8 Uznaný předmět 8
IXI002Z Diploma Thesis - Assignment
IXI004Z Diploma Thesis – Data Analysis
MDP Methodology of dissertation thesis
METDISP Metodika disertační práce
ODP Doctoral thesis defence
OTP Defence of the thesis of the PhD dissertation
SDZ State doctoral exam

Study fields

4106T023 Sustainable Rural Development in Tropics and Subtropics

Study programmes

N4106 Agricultural Specialisation