prof. Dr. Ing. Luboš Borůvka
vedoucí Katedry pedologie a ochrany půd

Teaching activities

I lead a number of courses for the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, and also for the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences (Forestry Soil Science), Faculty of Environmental Science (Environmental Soil Science, Applied Soil Science) and a part of the course on Precision Agriculture for the Faculty of Engineering. I lead also two courses on the Faculty of Science of Charles University, namely Pedogeochemistry and Introduction to Pedology and Soil Protection.

I supervise the M.Sc. joint degree programme with BOKU University  in Vienna, Austria, on Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering (NARMEE), and the Ph.D. study specialisation on Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources.

Supervised courses

APA28E Amelioration of Degraded Soils
APZ05E Applied Soil Science
APZ03E Environmental Soil Science
DAPA05Y Forestry Soil Science
APL03E Forestry Soil Science
APL71E Forestry Soil Science
APL03Z Forestry Soil Science
APL72Z Forestry Soil Science
APA36E Fundamentals of Soil Conservation
APA81E Fundamentals of Soil Conservation
APA03E Fundamentals of Soil Science
DAPA09Y Geostatistics with Applications
APA25E Pedometrics
APA20E Pedometrics and Digital Soil Mapping
DAPX09Y Pedometrics, geostatistics
APA29E Remote Sensing Application in Soil Science
APL04E Soil Science (Forestry)
APL04Z Soil Science (Forestry) - FL
APA86E Soil Science, Conservation and Protection
APA08Z Specilized Practical Training in Soil Science

Study fields

4106V029 Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources
4106V029 Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources