Ing. Tamara Fedorova, Ph.D.

Students' theses

Theses under my leadership:

Bachelor theses:

  • Význam koní a oslů v rozvojových zemích tropů (2016)
  • Vliv socializace na agresivní chování ryb (2016)
  • Divocí velbloudi Austrálie a jejich význam pro vědu (2016)
  • Vliv krmení na biorytmy kopytníků chovaných v zoologických zahradách (2015)
  • Effect of feeding on biorhythms of ungulates kept in zoological gardens (2014)
  • Social behaviour of African ungulates and their interspecific interactions (2014)
  • Developmental disorders in tadpoles and frogs reared in captivity (2014)
  • Adaptations of camels for life in extreme environments (2014)
  • Laminitis in horses and the possibilities of its treatment (2013)
  • Viral and bacterial diseases of camels (2013)
  • Parasites of camels (2013)
  • Modern technologies in breeding and reproduction of camels (2012)
  • Body language in even-toed ungulates (2012)

Master theses:

  • Social behaviour of captive American bison (2017)
  • Effect of social isolation on aggressive behaviour of fish (2017)
  • Effects of magnetic field and solar radiation on body axis alignment in water buffalo (2017)
  • Noninvasive Fecal Monitoring of Hormones in Female Cheetahs (2016)
  • Reproduction and pregnancy diagnosis in donkeys (2015) 
  • Pregnancy diagnosis from urine in even-toed ungulates (2014)

Ph.D. theses (consultant):

  • Non-invasive pregnancy diagnosis in even-toed ungulates: The usage of urine examination by seed germination, Cuboni reaction and barium chloride test and saliva crystallization (Iva Skálová, supervisor: prof. MVDr. Eva Baranyiová, CSc.)

Master theses (consultant):

  • Ethology of ungulates kept in mixed species exhibits. (dr.Koláčková)
  • Saliva Crystallization in Cattle. (dr.Koláčková)