Ing. Kateřina Hamouzová, Ph.D.


Lectures and seminars in subjects:

Basic agroecology (FAPPZ)

Agroecology (FAPPZ)

Agroecology outlines the basic conceptual and theoretical framework of agroecology. Agroecology´s whole-systems approach and knowledge of dynamic equilibrium in the environment provide a sound theoretical and conceptual basis for sustainability. Agroecology is the study of ecological processes in agroecosystems, on the other hand it is a change agent for the complex social and ecological shifts that may need to occur in the future to move agriculture to a truly sustainable basis (Gliessman, 2000).

Agricultural Systems I. (PEF) - subjects is taught in English for students of bachelors degree in Business Administration and Economics and Management. Agricultural Systems deals with land use, interactions among agricultural systems, natural, social and economic environments on farm- or landscape-level.