Ing. Jakub Hlava, Ph.D.
Ing. Jakub Hlava Ph.D.




February-August 2009     Framework student at K.U. Leuven, Belgium; Field of interest: biodiversity and ecology of soil fauna


2008- 2013          Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

PhD study at Dep. of Zoology and Fisheries with a view to ecology of dumpsites and reclaimed areas


2006-2008                            Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

                                                Master study Care of Biosphere, ac. title Engineer (Ing.).


2003 - 2006                          Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

                                          Sustainable, ac. title bachelor (Bc.)


1997 - 2003                          Secondary school Gymnasium Kladno, graduation




  1. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - pedagogical and research worker
  2. Ústav pro ekopolitiku o.p.s.-  cooperation in Local Agenda 21 project for sustainable development of Kladno town; consultations with experts of important companies in Kladno and with council of the town; question-form processing
  3. Researcher in research project of CULS and Severočeské doly a.s. mining company cooperation; biological monitoring of foreland of the Bílina mine area
  4. Participation in expedition to Morocco and publication of results (lizards monitoring) (in Herpetologické informace, Vol. 6.- 1/2007)
  5. DocuGuard – work in archive offices of banking institutions; administration work
  6. Zookeeper in rescue station for animals AVES (Association for rescue endangered and handicapped animals and for ecological education) in Kladno



  • English – active speaker
  • German- passive
  • Spanish- basic
  • Advanced in computer software (Windows, MS Office, and other software),
  • Very good orientation in hardware, software, electronics
  • Driving licence B (active driver)



                                               E-mail: hlava@af.czu.cz; hlava.jakub@gmail.com