doc. Ing. Miroslav Jursík, Ph.D.



Supervised Courses:

Practical Encyclopedy, AUA03Z

Practical Encyclopedy, AUA05Z

Practical Encyclopedy, AUA71Z

Practical Training, AUA01Z

Practical Training, AUA06Z


Partial Lessons:

Weeds and Weed Control AAA24E

Weed Science AAA30E

Weed Science AAA05E

General Crop Production AAA17E

Farming Practice and Weed management AAA14E


Supervisor of Bachelor, Master and PhD. thesis:

Supervisor of more than 20 Bachelor and Master thesis and Supervisor specialist of two PhD. thesis.

Supervised courses

AUA07Z BSc. Training
AUA36Z Practical Training
AUA49Z MSc. Professional Training
AUA70Z BSc. Training
AUA79Z Diploma Thesis
AWA49Z Practical Training