doc. Ing. Vladimír Krepl, CSc.


Supervised courses

DITI01Y Machinery of Crop Production in Tropics and Subtropics
DITI03Y Renewable Energy Resources in Tropics and Subtropics
DITI04Y Applied Mechanical Engineering
DITI05Y Machinery of Plantation Crops
DITI07Y Engineering of Processing of Agricultural Products of Tropics and Subtropics
DITI13Y Conventional and Non-conventional Material Manipulation
DITI15E Machinery of Livestock Production in Tropics and Subtropics
DITI64Y Agricultural Machinery in Tropics and Subtropics
DITI70Y Přístrojová a řídící technika
DITI71Y Technologie čištění vody
DITIO3Y Renewable Sources of Energy in Tropics and Subtropics
EEE2UE Developing countries in the global economy
EEEW7E Development economics
IUI005E Introduction to Engineering
IUI016E Farm Machinery for Plantation Crops