prof. Ing. Bohdan Lojka, Ph.D.


Tropical Crops Sciences, Agroforestry, Tropical Pastures and Fodder Crops

Supervised courses

DIRI13Y Crop production in Tropics and Subtropics
DIRI15Y Crop Production in TS III.
DIRI20Y Agroforestry
DIRI21Y Tropical Crop Production
ICI001E Tropical Crop Production
ICI003Z Agroforestry Systems
ICI004E Agroforestry
ICI019E Agroforestry (Agroforestería)
ICO004E Agroforestry (TropAg)
IRI004E Agroforestry (in Czech language)

Study fields

4107T015 Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry