doc. Mgr. Jan Šobotník, Ph.D.
Osobní stránky Jana Š


The impact of juvenile hormone analogue on inner anatomy of termites. Czech Science Foundation 206/06/1643, 2006-9, Principal investigator.

Primer and releaser pheromones of termites, analytical study. Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic A600550614, 2006-10, Principal investigator / Team member.

Strepsiptera of the genus Stylops (Stylopidae): evolution of host specificity, chemical ecology and behaviour of parasitized host. Czech Science Foundation P506/10/1466, 2010-12, Principal investigator.

Biology, chemical ecology, and phylogeny of critical termite genera of families Rhinotermitidae and Serritermitidae. Czech Science Foundation P506/10/1570, 2010-13, Team member / principal investigator.

Supervisor of several finished and running student projects (funded by Czech University of Life Sciences, and Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS) devoted to various aspects of biology of wood-feeding insects, mostly termites and beetles.

Do symbionts influence global patterns of termite abundance?

Grantová agentura ČR, 2016-2018

Mechanisms of soil formation in Congo Basin along the land-use gradient

Grantová agentura ČR, 2018-2020

Funkční evoluce střevního mikrobiomu termitů

Grantová agentura ČR, 2020-2022

Chemical communication of termites

GA FTZ, 2020-2021

Trophic relations and feeding ecology of Afrotropical termites revealed by stable isotopes analysis

GA FTZ, 2021-2022

Trophic relations and feeding ecology of termites revealed by stable isotopes analysis

GA FTZ, 2022-2023

Biology of Stylotermitidae

GA FTZ, 2023-2024