Ing. Jan Stejskal, Ph.D.
Odborný asistent na katedře genetiky a fyziologie lesních dřevin

Stejskal Jan

I studied forestry at the master's and doctoral levels of the FLD (2002 - 2011). The topic of my diploma thesis was provenance research of black spruce. As part of my graduate studies under the guidance of my supervisor, prof. Kobliha, I focused on conventional forest tree breeding, emphasizing fir hybridization.

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Since 2012, I have been involved in research aimed at optimizing the design of seed orchards under the leadership of prof. Lstibůrek. This period was followed by several simulations and case studies, where my interest focused more on the genetic evaluation of forest tree production traits and the comparison of breeding strategies.

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Another area of my interest is evaluating many physiological traits, such as gene expression, volatile metabolites, spectral reflectance, or photosynthesis parameters connected with chlorophyll fluorescence. For the latter two, our goal is to estimate the genetic variability in certain sections of the reflectance and fluorescence curves, which will lead to a deeper understanding of the significance of such phenotypes and will also allow the use of these traits in forest breeding.

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Other publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jan_Stejskal2