doc. Ing. Jan Tauchen, Ph.D.


Team Raven

A group devoted to the preparation of teams from various sectors for the effective resolution of crisis situations. Team Raven runs a range of courses covering various topics from fire protection, first aid to personal safety for persons traveling to remote or post-conflict countries (humanitarian and development workers).

Students for the Living Amazon o.p.s.

A non-profit and non-governmental organization established with the aim to support research and environment protection of Amazonian fauna and flora. This organization further tries to ensure the local food security and emphasises the protection of culural heritage of indigenous inhabitants.

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

A non-profit research and training institution dedicated to the development of improved varieties of wheat and maize, and introducing those to farmers of the thirld world.

The Plant List

A database of all known plant species.

Deep Medi Musik

Best vibez all around.


For those active in the environment protection