Ing. David Bečka, Ph.D.

Profesional CV

Name: Ing. David Bečka, Ph.D.

Date and Place of Birth: 5. 12. 1974 in Prague


1989 – 1993    Secondary School of Agriculture in Brandýs nad Labem, programme: Growing.

1993    School leaving exam (Czech Language and Literature, Economics and Management, Plant Production Technology, Practice, Chemistry, Principles of Animal Production)

1993 – 1998    Faculty of Agronomy in Prague, programme: Agricultural Ingeneering – Plant Production. Diploma thesis: Influence of Ecologic Conditions of Potatoe and Beet Production Areas on Quality of Table Potatoes, Protein and Fibre Content in Consumer Potatoes.

1998    State final exam (Special Plant Production, General Plant Production, Plants Nutrition and Fertilization, Agricultural Economics), title: Engineer of Agronomy.

1998 - 2001     Postgradual study at a Department of Plant Production of CULS, programme: Special Plant Production. Doctoral thesis: Growing Technologies of Genetically Modified Winter Rapeseed.

2001    Rigorous exam

2004    PhD title

Career: since 2001 a lecturer at the Department of Crop Production of FAFNR CULS in Prague with focus on oil crops, teaching of Special Plant Production.


7 scientific and more than 250 professional publications

participation in grant NAZV QF3246 – Growing Technologies for the Main Line and Hybrid Cultivars of Winter Rapeseed with Different Intensity of Inputs

main solver of grant NAZV QH81147 – Concurrence of Crops in Global Competition and Solving of Risks for Winter Rapeseed

participation in other projects focused on poppy, barley

supervision of students´ Bachelor and Diploma works

 participations and oral presentations at the conferences: Rośliny Oleiste – Poznaň (Polsko) and XL. Croation Symposium on Agriculture – Opatija (Croatia))

100 presentations per year at the conferences, seminars and field days with focus on oil rapeseed

the main garant and organizer of scientifically-professional conference Agricultura-Scientia-Prosperitas, Prosperous Oil Crops 2006-2019

 Foreign Interships:

July-August 1999        NPZ Lembke Malchow (Germany) 6 weeks – work at a breeding station (rapeseed)

January-March 2000   research fellowship at Martin-Luther Universität in Halle (Germany), cooperation in project: Evaluation of Quality of Hempen Fibre in Dependence on Cultivar and Harvest Term.

April-August 2002      research fellowship at Sveriges Landbruksuniversitet in Uppsalla (Sweden), two courses in English language: Natural Resource Management, Ecological Agriculture.

September 2004          Martin-Luther Universität in Halle (Germany) mobility of teachers in programme Sokrates/Erasmus, oral presentation: Growing technologies of winter rapeseed.