Ing. Pavlína Košnarová, Ph.D.


Involved in projects and grants:

2013-2017: QJ1310128 Analysis of current status and proposal of integrated management of hard-to-control and resistant weeds in cereals. National Agency for Agricultural Research (http://eagri.cz/public/web/mze/poradenstvi-a-vyzkum/vyzkum-a-vyvoj/narodni-agentura-pro-zemedelsky-vyzkum/).

2018-2020: QK 1820081Methods of monitoring the resistance of economic important pests and weeds to pesticides and anti-resistance strategies. 

In cooperation with Syngenta Czech, Syngenta Global, Bayer CropScience, Dow Agrosciences, BASF and Bayer is dealing with herbicide resistance in weeds (since 2004 till now).