Ing. Zdeněk Košnář, Ph.D.
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2000 – 2004 Arabská Secondary School Prague, Natural Sciences 

2004 – 2007 Charles University Prague, Faculty of Science, Biochemistry 

2007 – 2010 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,

                       B.Sc. (Sustainable Use of Natural Resources)

                       banchelor thesis: Degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls with aid of plants

2010 – 2012 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,

                       M.Sc. (Sustainable Biosphere Development - passed with distinction)

                       diploma thesis: Investigation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Ash Derived from Biomass Combustion

2012 – 2018 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague,

                      Ph.D. (Exploitation and Conservation of Natural Resources)

                       doctoral thesis: Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons present in ash derived from                                                                  biomass combustion using plants and composting


2012 - Karel Velka Award by Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic 

2020 - Rector CZU Prague Award for publication in 1. decile journal on Web of Science

Professional experience:   

2013 – 2019 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, researcher

since 2019     Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, assistant proffesor

Research fields:

  • monitoring of persistent organic pollutants and personal care products in the environment
  • bioremediation of contaminated waste materials and soil
  • bioaugmentaion, phytoremediation, mycoremediation, phytomycoremediation
  • behaviour of pollutants in the soil-plant system
  • removal of pollutants by composting and vermicomposting
  • changes of microbial communities and microbial activities in a contaminated soil
  • analytical determination of pollutants using a GC/MS and GC/MS/MS (QqQ) system