Ing. Petr Sedlák, Ph.D.


Educational background

1991 – 1995: Secondary Agricultural School Havlickuv Brod, study programm - field cultivation and animal breeding

1996 – 2001: Faculty of agronomy, CULS Prague, study program Plant protection (diploma thesis Identification of pathotypes of potato cyst nemathode Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida by PCR)

2006: Finished Ph.D. study in programm Special Crop Production, dissertation thesis The use of DNA markers in potato breding for resistance


Since 2002: Department of Genetics and Breeding, FAFNR CULS Prague in position of assistant Professor.

Pedagogical activities

I am guarantor of the teaching of study subjects aimed on plant breeding. Simultaneously I participate in the teaching of subjects aimed on general genetics, molecular genetics and cytology. My Bachelor's and Master's students solving themes oriented to the application of molecular DNA analysis of plants and phytopathogenes.

Research activities

cooperate with leading crop research institutes as a co-investigator of research projects focused on the application of molecular analysis of DNA into the breeding of agriculturally important plant species, conservation of genetic resources and phytopathological diagnostics.

International experiences

In 2008 I attended a workshop organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences focused on the molecular detection of important pathogens of potato, as PSTVd, CMS, PVS, etc. The workshop was held in Harbin, capital of North China province Heilongjiang and attended by 15 experts from 5 countries in total.