doc. Dr. Ing. Pavel Vejl


Course of education                

1986     graduated from Gymnasium in Kladno
1991     master degree – Agricultural University in Prague, study discipline Plant Biotechnology
1998     Ph.D. degree – Czech University of Life Science Prague, study discipline Special Plant Production
2003     Associate Professor in the field of applied genetics and breeding

I became after graduation in 1991, to Ph.D. Studies in the Department of Genetics and Breeding of Agricultural University in Prague.  I prepared a doctoral dissertation titled "Using genetic markers to create dihaploids of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)”. I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation in 1998.

I became in 1992 assistant professor for research at the Department of Genetics and Breeding of Agricultural University in Prague. I am in 2003 successfully defended thesis entitled "Genetic markers in plant breeding and seed production" and I was appointed assistant professor of Applied Genetics and Breeding. I became in 2010 Head of the Department of Genetics and Breeding of Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

I am the guarantor of the following subjects: fundamentals of genetics, general genetics, plant genetics, cytology and karyology, general molecular biology and gene technology for bachelor and master degree courses. In the field of postgraduate education courses I guarantee the following subjects: molecular genetics, molecular genetics and molecular genetics special and breeding. I have since 2003 member of the Board Special Crop Science for Ph.D. study.  I was in 2001 joined the accreditation of Master's degree courses, and I became the guarantor of the Master study program "Plant Breeding".

I am using practical experience and theoretical knowledge gained in the field of molecular genetics as well as in management thesis on the topic of genetic engineering. I am a leader thesis focused on applied genetics. Currently, I am also the supervisor of several doctoral graduate students.

I have been dealing with scientific research activities in molecular analysis and Marker Assited Selection in plants and animals. The above issues I deal in collaboration with a number of research institutes. During my time at CUA in Prague, I was a co-researcher and researcher of many projects GACR, NAZV Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education and CULS Praque. Since 2001 I am a member of scientific councils Hop Institute Ltd. Žatec, Potato Research Institute in Havlickuv Brod Ltd. and Crop Research Institute in Prague. Since 2003, I was also a member of the editorial board of scientific journal Plant, Soil and Environment. The results of my scientific work I published in the form of original scientific papers in scientific journals.