doc. Ing. Markéta Zárybnická, Ph.D.

Zárybnická Markéta

phone +420 22438 2923
phone +420 22438 2923


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My long-term interest lies in ecological research. I mainly focus on the population and behaviour ecology of predators (especially Boreal Owl) and their prey (small mammals) in an airborne-polluted area situated in the Ore Mts; this region was the most exposed region to acid-air pollution in the 1970-80s in Central Europe, resulting in ecosystem collabs. In the last years, I also extended my original research interest by implementing a Citizen Science project called Birds Online. This project aims to integrate the public (mainly all-level schools) into remote watching of birds nesting using our Internet-connected Smart Nest Boxes. While the public, students, and their teachers learn about birdlife, university students develop a methodology of the proposed-designed camera system and use video recordings for their theses and research.