doc. Ing. Markéta Zárybnická, Ph.D.

Zárybnická Markéta

Pedagogická činnost

ZGZ138Z Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing
ZGX104Z Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing

My most significant field is behavioral ecology and citizen science. More specifically, my initial long-term interest lies in ecology, behaviour, and conservation of the Boreal Owl population located in an air-polluted area of the Czech Republic; the area that is a part of the Black Triangle of Europe. In the last years, I have also been focusing on citizen science research through conducting the "Birds Online" project that aims to integrate the public (mainly all-level schools) into remote watching of bird nesting and advance environmental knowledge of the public and university students. For these purposes, we have designed, developed, and applied own camera systems that we embedded in bird nest boxes called "Smart Nest Boxes" and deployed at hosting premises.