Ing. Filipp Georgijevič Savvulidi, Ph.D.

Savvulidi Filipp Georgijevič

Odborný asistent - Katedra chovu hospodářských zvířat
phone +420 22438 3069

I am an Assistant professor (Odborný asistent) at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources (Department of Animal Science /Katedra chovu hospodářských zvířat). My scientific interests: small ruminants and poultry sperm cryopreservation by slow freezing / vitrification; improvements in livestock breeding biotechnology. My personal expertise: flow cytometry of ram, buck, and cockerel sperm; livestock sperm CASA. 

Students, who wish to do their experimental part of Bachelor or Diploma work in the laboratory of the Deaprtment of Animal Science (Katedra chovu hospodářských zvířat) are welcommed to contact me to discuss possibilities to cooperate. The state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with flow cytometer, CASA, spectrophotometer, sperm freezing/thawing devices, and other stuff which is necessary for doing a world-level scientific research.

Visit me at: FAPPZ Pavilon B, Katedra chovu hospodářských zvířat, Office B317 (or contact me by email).