prof. Ing. Lenka Kouřimská, Ph.D.
zástupce vedoucí katedry


Curriculum Vitae

assoc. prof. Ing. Lenka Kouřimská, Ph.D.

E-mail: kourimska@af.czu.cz                                                                   Tel.: +420 224383507




1991-1994:     Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (Ph. D. in food chemistry and analysis)

1985-1990:     Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague (MSc. in food chemistry and analysis)

Professional experience:

2016-pres.:      Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Department of Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics

2004-2016:     Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Department of Quality of Agricultural                      Products

2003-2004:     Institute of Public Health in Prague – Laboratory Department

1994-2003:     Analab Praha s.r.o. – Certified Laboratory of Food Analysis


Teaching experience:

Guarantee of study programmes: Nutrition and Food (BSc. and MSc. programmes).

Courses for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students (in Czech and English): Sensory analysis of agricultural products, Food quality and safety, Food, beverages and dietary supplements, Nutrition and nutritional policy.

Erasmus teaching abroad: UPV Valencia, EGE University Izmir, SDU Isparta, University of Agriculture in Krakow, Slovak Agriculture University Nitra, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Research interests:

Food chemistry and analysis: Lipid oxidation, antioxidants, Sensory analysis - organoleptic changes of agricultural products during processing and storage, Food quality and safety, Nutritional and sensory quality of edible insects.

Citation index (WOS Kourimska + Konirova): 359, h-index: 10, number of IF publications: 40.

Internship abroad:

1989 (2 months), 1990 (2 months), 1991 (2 months) and 1993 (3 months) Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Reading, UK.


Membership in scientific boards, professional commissions, editorial boards

CULS - doctoral board of Agricultural Chemistry

University of Chemistry and Technology Prague - doctoral board of study programme Food Chemistry and Technology

Editorial boards’ member: NFS Journal, Journal of Food Research, Nutrition and Food (in Czech)

Other institutions and organisations: Czech Chemical Society: member of the Expert group for food and agricultural chemistry, Czech Society for Nutrition

Euroleague for Life Sciences: subject area Safety in the Food Chain


01-12/2017: EU project 739568 - PRO-METROFOOD (Infradev-02-2016, H2020)

2011-2015: summer schools under Erasmus LLP and Euroleague for Life Sciences (coordinator)

2013-2017: NAZV QJ1310226 Development of new methods for the protection of cereals and vegetables against important pathogens and pests using botanical pesticides for organic integrated farming systems (research team member).

Node-partner for the Czech Republic in the global research infrastructure METROFOOD-RI (ESFRI Roadmap 2018) and a coordinator of the corresponding Czech Research infrastructure METROFOOD-CZ (listed among the national RIs).

Language skills:

English: First Certificate in English (1993), State Exam (2003)

Russian: State Exam (1989)

Selected publications:

Kulma, M., Kouřimská, L., Plachý, V., Božik, M., Adámková, A., Vrabec, V., 2019, Effect of sex on the nutritional value of house cricket, Acheta domestica L., Food Chemistry, 272, 267–272

Kouřimská⁠, L., Sabolová, M., Horčička, P., Rys, S., Božik, M., 2018, Lipid content, fatty acid profile, and nutritional value of new oat cultivars, Journal of Cereal Science, 84, 44-48

Rychlik, M., Zappa, G., Anorga, L., Belc, N., Castanheira, I., Donard, O.F.X., Kouřimská, L., Ogrinc, N., Ocké, M.C., Presser, K., Zoani, C., 2018, Ensuring food integrity by metrology and FAIR data principles, Frontiers in Chemistry, 6, Article Number: 49

Kouřimská, L., Čítek, J., Zadinová, K., Okrouhlá, M., Panovská, Z., Khatri, Y., Stupka, R., 2018, Sensory quality of meat from crossbred boars in relation to their age and slaughter weight, Czech Journal of Food Sciences, 36, 5, 415-419

Sabolová, M., Pohořelá, B., Fišnar, J., Kouřimská., L., Chrpová, D., Pánek, J., 2017, Formation of oxysterols during thermal processing and frozen storage of cooked minced meat, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 97, 15, 5092-5099