prof. Ing. Lenka Kouřimská, Ph.D.
zástupce vedoucí katedry


Teaching experience:

Guarantee of study programmes: Nutrition and Food (BSc. and MSc. programmes).

Courses for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students (in Czech and English): Sensory analysis of agricultural products, Food quality and safety, Food, beverages and dietary supplements, Nutrition and nutritional policy.

Supervised courses

003NN Food law
049GG Sustainable integrated aquaculture
083GG Microbial food biotechnology
085GG Food safety
102GG Bioactive compounds and nutraceutics
146043 Rhizosphere ecology
1528-1537Z Internship
169514 Livestock production and the environment
1932Z Informatic activities
1933GG Foreign language (B2 English or B1 other language)
1986Z Agri-Food Economics
199GG Microbiology, immunology and molecular virology
200GG Technologies of animal based food products
202GG Food storage and processing
250GG Toxiology
271GG Artificial cultivation of food and medicinal plants
300GG Unit operation in food
378GG Animal derived food and environment impact
479GG Applied microbiology to animal production
480GG Auditing and certification system
501GG Animal Food Quality
502GG Food Composition and Analysis
503GG Microbial Food biotechnology
754317 Food chemistry (for SIFC)
754325 Food mikrobiology for safety in food chain (SIFC)
953324 Ecological plant protection
AKA04Z New Trends in Nutrition and Food Industry
AKA24E Food, Beverages and Nutritional Supplements
AKA31E Food and Nutrition policy
AKA38E Sensory Analysis of Food
AKA39E Sensory Analysis of Food
AKA43E Introduction to food Sciences
AWA18Z Practical Internship Abroad
AWA6AZ_1 MSc. Thesis II. - WS
AWAB4Z Blended Intensive Programme - Insects in Food
AWAB9Z Blended Intensive Programme - Sustainability in International Business
DAF21 Soil Resources
DAF22 Chemistry
DAF23 GIS Applications in Land Consolidation
DAKA02Y Special Seminar Nutrition and Food I
DAKA03Y Special Seminar Nutrition and Food II
DAKA07Y Food Commodity Science
DAKA08Y Food Commodity Science
DAKA09Y Sensory Analysis of Food
DAKA10Y Sensory Analysis of Food
DAKA11Y Human nutrition
DAKA12Y Human nutrition
DASA02Y Dairying
P15-0016-I Genetically Modified Food
P15-0042-I Poultry and Minority Animal Products Processing
P15-0049-I Technology of Foodstuffs of Animal Origin
P15-0053-I Accreditation and Certification in Food Industry
P15-0056-I Food Safety
P15-0060-I Food Adulteration and Authentification
P15-0061-I Risk Assessment
P15-0065-I Hygiene of Nutrition and Alimentation
P15-0067-I Legislation and Food Control
P15-0068-I Nutrigenomics
P15-0069-I Foodborne Diseases
P15-0078-I Food Sampling
P15-0079-I Health Safety Aspects of Food
P15-0106-I Food Microbiology
P15-0109-I Food Mycology
P15-0118-I Sensometrics and Informatics in Food Science
P15-0175-I Food Chemistry
P15-0176-I Xenobiotics and Nutraceuticals
P15-0177-I Foodstuffs, Nutrition and Metabolism