prof. Ing. Svatopluk Matula, CSc.


Supervised courses

AIA04E Soil and Water Relationship
AIA04Z Excursion
AIA07Z Excursion
AIA10E Hydrometeorology
AIA12E Survey for Soil and Water Relationship
AIA13E Crop and Irrigation Systems Management
AIA14E Hydropedology and Groundwater Protection
AIA14Z Excursion (with AIA14E)
AIA18E Summer School Soil and Water
AIA20E Water Management
AIA24Z Field Training
AIA25E Pond Systems and Equipment
AIA28E Water Protection
AIA29E Water in the Landscape and Irrigation
AIA73E Water in the Landscape and Irrigation
DAIA01Y Hydropedology
DAIA02Y Soil and Water Relationship
DAIA03Y Advanced Soil and Water Relationship
DAIA05Y Advanced Soil Physics

Study fields

4106R014 Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
4106T008 Natural Resources and Environment

Study programmes

N4153 Natural Resources and Environment