prof. Mgr. Ondřej Slavík, Ph.D.



Ph.D. degree


Charles University of Prague, Faculty of Natural Science , Dept. of Zoology

▪ Specialization Ecology, thesis:  The survey is aimed at space distribution of fish during seasons and diurnal cycle in the disturbed environment of the river with modified temperature regime


Msc. degree


Charles University of  Prague, Faculty of Natural Science, Dept. of Zoology

▪ Specialization  Ecology, thesis:   Abundance and movement activity of  juvenile fish  in open water


Supervised courses

AEA40E Fish Biology
AEA54E Fish Ethology
DAEA06Y Applied ethology of fish and aquatic organisms in aquaculture
DAEA11Y Special Seminar Applied Zoology I
DAEA12Y Special Seminar Applied Zoology II