doc. Ing. Jan Kazda, CSc.


Ing. Jan Kazda, CSc.  - regarding to his speciality he develops, gathers and provides the lectures and specialized exercises for subjects of masters study - Chemical plant protection and legislation and Pests of field and horticultural crops for master study of Plant Protection. Both lectures are closely related. Plant pathogens are sorted according crops they are invading - crops, oilseeds, fodders, legumes, technical crops, fruit and vegetables.

In subjects Plant protection and Fundamentals of plant protection are lectures focused mainly on importance of plant protecrtion and regultions and Czech and EU bylaws. In specialized exercises are lectured basics of phytopathology (viruses, bacterias and fungy) and plant pests (nemathoddes, mites, insects and rodents). The pathogens are divided according taxonomy.

Supervised courses

AOA11E Chemical Plant Protection and Related Legislation
AOA19E Pests of Field Crops
AOA36E Fundamentals of Plant Protection
AOA79E Fundamentals of Plant Protection
AOA89E Chemical Plant Protection and Related Legislation
DAOA13Y Pests of Field and Horticultural Crops
DAOX02Y Plant Protection