prof. Ing. Josef Soukup, CSc.


Josef Soukup guarantees many subjects such as Agroecology, General Crop Husbandry, Weed Science, Agricultural Systems and some others and gives lectures for BSc. and MSc. students at his Faculty and Faculty of Economics and Management. He introduced and is responsible for BSc. and MSc. study programmes Rural Development (MSc.) and was a founder of programmes Agriculture and Food (BSc.) and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (MSc.) taught in English. He is supervisor of PhD. students (12 already graduated and 5 studying) and teacher of subjects in doctoral study programmes in the subject area of General Crop Production. 

Supervised courses

AAA05E Weed Science
AAA17E General Crop Production
AAA22E Agroecology
AAA23E Fundamentals of Agroecology
AAA30E Weed Science
AAA75E General Crop Production
AAA77E Farming Practice and Weed Management
AAA82E Agroecology
AAA83E Fundamentals of Agroecology
AAA95E Care of Biodiversity in Agroecosystem
AAE03E Agricultural Systems I
AAE05E Agricultural Systems I
AAE70E Agricultural Systems I
DAAA02Y Weed Science

Study fields

4106R010 Rural Development
4106T011 Rural Development

Study programmes

N4149 Rural Development and Agriculture