prof. MVDr. Daniela Lukešová, CSc.

Doktorské studium

From 2018 two Ph.D. Study Programmes will run at Faculty of AgriSciences CULS Prague, Czech Republic

In English: "Agriculture in Tropics and Subtropics" (3 years) tzv. Zemědělství tropů a subtropů. Only for self-payer..


In English: "Tropical Agrobiology and Bioresource Management" (4 years) tzv. Agrobiologie a management přírodních zdrojů v tropech 

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Running Ph.D. thesis:

  • Mian Ali Muhammad. from 2018. The Importance of the Factors Affecting Small Ruminant Breeding and Meat Production  in Selected Regions in Pakistan

Post doc student:

Defended Ph.D. theses:

Ph.D. thesis from 2007-2014 are available at Library (previous Scientific Information Centre, SIC) of CZU Prague.