prof. MVDr. Daniela Lukešová, CSc.

Výzkumný tým : Animal Physiology and Behaviour Research Group

The research activity of the team is focused on the links between physiological and behavioural patterns in wild and domestic species, with special interest on mammals.

  • Feeding ecology, diet selection, digestive efficiency, and role of mineral and amino acids;
  • Growth of secondary sexual traits like horns or antlers;
  • Reproductive behaviour, milk production and composition, and suckling behaviour;
  • Social structures, animal communication, and physiological effects of animal welfare and husbandry practices;
  • Haematology, biochemical profiles, and hormonal cycles;
  • Food safety, and meat production and quality;
  • Metabolic, infectious and foodborne diseases (zoonoses), parasitological monitoring of livestock and wild species, morphological identification of parasitological agents, and typing by molecular methods.

Currently, members of our team are conducting research projects worldwide, with preference to tropical and subtropical areas. Including Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hungary, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Philippines, Slovak Republic, Republic of South Africa, Spain, and Uruguay.

The activity of the team is based on three main facilities: the Laboratory for Biological Material Analysis, the Laboratory of Animal Behaviour (under construction) and the Common Eland and Guanaco Experimental Farms at Lány.

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