PhDr. Ing. Tomáš Maier, Ph.D.

Economics of Brewing Industry

Brewing Industry and Market in chosen state

•Oral presentation will be from the 6th week and  that week all students must be prepared for oral presentation, if not, they will not get credit!!!

•The presnetation (ppt) you will upload into Moodle till 14th of March 13:00, if not, you will not get credit!!!

•20 minutes presentation

Maximum size is 20 MB.

Dont forget that in presentation must be the issues:

Market concentration and its development in last 10 years (approximately), the most important companies and their brands
 Ownership structure and its development
 Legislative (law) condition, excise taxes
 Consumers restrictions
 Consumption development
 Production under licence
 Microbrewery segment (craft breweries), development
 Production of malt and hops (hops products)
 Foreign trade development of beer, hops (products from hops) and malt
 Structure of beer production
 Market specifics, technology specifics
 Protected labeling (if some exist)
 The work will be created on the base of all disponible data
 Comments of all data
 Own analysis!!!