doc. Ing. Zbyněk Polesný, Ph.D.

Polesný Zbyněk


ICO022E Applied Ethnobiology (TropAg)
ICI015E Tropical Dendrology
ICI009E Tropical Phytocoenoses

I work as associate professor at the Department of Crop Sciences and Agroforestry where I lead the Tropical Botany and Ethnobiology Lab (TRIBE).

TRIBE studies tropical and subtropical useful plants and their relationships with humans and environment with the aim to preserve plant species diversity and related traditional knowledge in natural ecosystems and agricultural landscapes. Principal research activities include ethnobiological/ethnobotanical inventories and market surveys, documentation of traditional ecological knowledge in different cultural groups, migrants’ ethnobotany, agrobiodiversity management in homegardens and allotments, informal seed systems along with agrobiodiversity conservation, and wild food plants’ ethnobotany. Taxonomy of tropical and subtropical plants, particularly wild and locally cultivated food species, form a significant part of TRIBE’s expertize.