doc. Ing. Zbyněk Polesný, Ph.D.


Actual projects

2014-2015, Improving the quality of teaching at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology at the University of Mostar and Agromediterranean Faculty of University Džemal Bijedic in Mostar, The Czech Development Agency, Project 22/2015/08, co-investigator since 2015

Past projects

2013, Equipment innovation of the laboratories for education of applied plant biotechnologies, University Development Fund, FRVŠ 1397/2013, project leader
2009-2010, Ethnobotanical study of agrobiodiversity use and management in traditional agriculture in ethnically Czech villages in Romanian Banat, Czech Science Foundation 521/09/P589, principal investigator
2008-2010, Sustainable rural development in Leylek District, Kyrgyzstan; Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic 36/MZe/B/08-10, co-investigator
2007-2009, Sustainable use of natural resources in Peruvian Amazon; Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic 23/Mze/B/07-09, co-investigator
2006-2009, Sustainable development in Phong My Commune, Vietnam; Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic MZe/B/8, co-investigator
2003-2006, Establishment of research and development centre in Peruvian Amazon in order to develop sustainable agricultural technologies, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic 80/03-06/MZe/B, co-investigator
2005, Multimedia support for teaching the course Crop Production in Tropics and Subtropics II., University Development Fund, FRVŠ 16/2005, principal investigator
2003, Determination of cytotoxicity of higher plants reputed as natural sweetening agents, University Development Fund, FRVŠ 1521/2003, principal investigator