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Resource: Ecology and Society special feature on traditional ecological knowledge and global environmental change

16.03.2014 | 902x

Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Global Environmental Change Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Esteve Corbera, and Victoria Reyes-García (guest eds) Ecology and Society special feature…

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Future conferences of the Botanical Society of America

23.07.2014 | 906x

Future conferences of The Botanical Society of America: Botany 2015 - Edmonton, Alberta July 25 - 29 Botany 2016 - Savannah, Georgia July 28 - August 3

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The 15th International Society of Ethnobiology Congress (2016)

23.07.2014 | 652x

The 15th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology with the proposed overarching theme "Ethnobiological knowledge for improved human wellbeing and development" will be held…

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From basic botany to applied agriculture

17.10.2014 | 598x

The special issue of the American Journal of Botany, "Speaking of Food: Connecting Basic and Applied Plant Science," emphasizes how a broad range of basic plant science is relevant to…

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Open access publication on family farming

21.11.2014 | 863x

Read the Tutwiler and Eyzaguirre chapter: 'Agricultural biodiversity: an essential asset for the success and resilience of family farming'.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Member of ABERG team won the best MSc thesis award

27.06.2015 | 491x

Barbora Novotná, the member of Agricultural Botany and Ethnoecology Research Group, won Minister of Agriculture best MSc thesis award of 2015 for "Traditional use of medicinal plants…

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INTERNSHIP: MSc thesis research in Indonesia

28.06.2015 | 405x

Dear students, Agricultural Botany and Ethnoecology Group is looking for students interested in conducting their MSc thesis research in frame of the international development project in…

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LITERATURE SOURCE: Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity: Good practices for in situ and on-farm conservation

13.06.2016 | 503x

Earthscan-published Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity: Good practices for in situ and on-farm conservation is now out. It outlines a framework for on-farm conservation, drawn from the real ways that…

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CONFERENCE: Economic Botany 2017, Bragança, Portugal

15.06.2016 | 1006x

The 58th SEB Annual Conference and the II Encontro Hispano Português de Etnobiologia (2º Encuentro Hispano Portugués de Etnobiología) will be held from June 4-9th, 2017, in…

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LITERATURE SOURCE: The special issue of Slovak Ethnology journal dedicated to ethnobiology

09.07.2016 | 614x

This issue of Slovak Ethnology is dedicated to ethnobiology (subdivided into ethnobotany, ethnozoology and ethnomycology), which is a very useful and inspiring branch of science, making bridges…

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SCHOLARSHIP: Czech Republic Government Scholarships

15.09.2016 | 1031x

The Government of the Czech Republic offers scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing countries at public…

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CONFERENCE: 17th Flora of Thailand Conference

14.10.2016 | 842x

The conference will take place at the Deevana Plaza Khabi-Aonang between the 21st and 25th August 2017. More information at the conference website.

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IUCN Red List updated: new species under threat including crop wild relatives!

10.12.2016 | 727x

The update was released at the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP13) in Cancun, Mexico. The IUCN Red List now includes 85,604 species of which 24,307…

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SCHOLARSHIP: World Bank Scholarships Program

13.02.2017 | 881x

Currently, the World Bank Scholarships Program offers two sources of funding for graduate studies in development-related fields for mid-career professionals and researchers. More information you…

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Using historical herbarium specimens to track heavy metal pollution in the eastern United States

19.02.2017 | 641x

New life for 19th-century plants. Original research article published in Applications in Plant Sciences journal.

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Our team colleague Lukáš Pawera received the Julia F. Morton Award of the Society for Economic Botany

17.07.2017 | 897x

Congratulations to Lukáš Pawera, the Julia F. Morton Award recipient for the best poster presentation by a young professional for the year 2017. Lukáš is the current Ph…

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